Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation

Our Team

Mali Ole Kaunga

Director, Convenor PARAN

Mali Ole Kaunga is a laikipia Maasai, the founder and Director of OSILIGI(Organisation for the Survival of IL- Laikipiak Maasai Indigenous Group Initiatives) that translate to HOPE in Maasai. OSILIGI later transformed into IMPACT (Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation) an organisation that exists to organise, build and strengthen indigenous peoples’ social movements at grassroots in northern Kenya. IMPACT’s key areas of intervention are indigenous and human rights awareness, community self –organising and capacity development, peace building, Business and human rights, Land rights and natural resource governance, Legal and policy advocacy and community development. The organisation is working among different pastoralist communities to address social and policy exclusion faced by indigenous people in Northern Kenya and occasionally in other areas. He is also founder and convener of PARAN(Pastoralists Alliance for Resilience and Adaptation in Northern Kenya Rangelands) a coalition of community leaders and natural resources stewards, grassroots organisations, customary institutions Ole Kaunga, has previously worked and consulted with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as an indigenous peoples expert for its Africa Program on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples(Convention 169). He has also worked with WIPO on issues of Maasai Cultural Heritage and UNESCO on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change. He has published articles on different journals in the areas of indigenous traditional knowledge, indigenous peoples and urbanisation, indigenous peoples’ education and militarisation of indigenous peoples’ lands. In OSILIGI he pioneered strategic litigation for indigenous peoples when he brought an international case against the British Government for using Maasai and Samburu lands for military training and leaving live ordinances that maimed, killed and injured scores of Maasai and Samburu in the grazing fields. He has been involved in lobbying and advancing the interests of indigenous peoples affected by the Lake Turkana Wind Power and the Isiolo Mega Dam at national and international levels. He is a member of CI Indigenous Advisory Group.

Joseph Ole Ndira

Program Officer (PfR)

Joseph Lejeson Olendira is IMPACT Program Officer.joined Impact back in the year 2013 as a volunteer and started working in the year 2014. Currently he is working as a program officer in the community resilience program. In the program he directly implement activities that supports to build and strengthen the resilience among the pastoralist’s communities in Laikipia and Samburu Counties respectively. Some of these activities include; building the capacity of women groups and water resource users associations to develop business plans and sub-catchment management plans respectively. Others include building the capacity of group ranches and community conservancies to embrace the principle of integrated risks management as a one of the biggest sustainable community resilience initiative. At the county level he advocate for the legislation of policies and bills in the county assembly that supports sustainable community resilience projects. Previously he used to work with Action Aid International as an Inspirator in Sierra Leone West Africa and Uganda respectively. As an Inspirator his main task was to build the capacity of the local organizations being funded by Action Aid International on data collection and analyses, developing strategic plans, resources mobilization and monitoring and evaluation. He helped three local organizations in both Countries acquire funding from various international partners. Before he joined Action Aid he used to work with Caritas-Nyeri as an area supervisor for Laikipia County. As an area supervisor my main task was to recruit, supervise and support people living with Hiv/Aids and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). I supported the vulnerable children and their households in the program for a period of about 3 years. This was a huge program under USAID and World Food Program. He supervised a total 0f 48 community health workers (CHW) who each was responsible for visiting the households of our beneficiaries. There before he joined Caritas he used to run a youth group called IMPLY which he personally started .Its main task was to advocate for the rights of the indigenous youth in Laikipia North Sub-County among others. Professional he have studied project management and business management in Kenya Institute of Management and Alison College respectively. Beside that he trained paralegal and human rights defended under the national coalition of human rights defenders among other many certification.

Ms Elizabeth Silakan

Finance and Administrative Manager

Elizabeth Nassi is a young lady from the Maasai community. She is a graduate from Maasai Mara University with Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management. In addition she holds a Certified Public Accountants level 4 Certificate. Elizabeth is a keen planner and works on shoestring budgets with short deadlines and difficult, seemingly impossible objectives. Joining IMPACT as a Finance and Admin officer Elizabeth has built the image of the organization by ensuring strict adherence to donor regulations, principle of integrity and transparency and value for money for community development initiatives. Coming from a pastoralism setup and aware of the diverse challenges that the community faces, Elizabeth is keen to see that, communities priorities within IMPACT Programs create positive change and there is value for money for Projects implemented.

Timothy Ole Larpei

Legal Officer

Timothy Irka Ole Larpei is a young, vibrant and passionate Advocate from the II Laikipiak section of Maasai community in Northern Kenya. He holds a LL. B from the university of Nairobi and post graduate diploma in Advocate Training Programme (ATP) from Kenya school of Law. He has a wide range of experience working with the pastoralists communities in Northern Kenya in documenting and defending land and human rights violations. Since Joining IMPACT as a legal, Land and Human Rights Expert Timothy has built the image of the organization in and by support the registration of Historical land injustices, documenting human rights violations, advising the organization and communities on various issues, simplifying various laws and linking up different groups to relevant government institutions and quasi-judicial institutions. Currently, he is leading the sensitization and awareness creation campaigns on Community Land Act 2016 that has come to force repealing the Group Ranch Representatives Act and the Trust Land Act in Laikipia, Samburu, Marsabit and Isiolo counties. Besides, He is helping communities to lodge Historical Land Injustices with the National Land Commission. His good rapport with the community has made him accessible by all and this has earned him trust with communities and various organizations working in pastoralist inhabited areas in Northern Kenya. He is referred to as Wakili (lawyer) by the young and old in his backyard. Timothy spends most of his time doing voluntary and largely probono work particularly helping pastoralist communities overcome the legal handles in the criminal justice systems in Kenya.

John Ole Tingoi

Program Officer-Namati

John Ole Tingoi is a Laikipia Maasai fellow who have been on pastoralist and human right advocacy for the last sixteen years advocating for the rights of the pastoralist communities in northern Kenya. He has experience working with the Government in the national registration bureau and civil registration. He developed passion on land and human rights advocacy and social transformation of pastoralist communities whereby he joined the civil society platform and began working with communities. He gained a wealth knowledge of experience from short courses and trainings ranging from community development and participatory methodologies, intellectual property law and documentation and participating in international negotiation processes linking them with community’s challenges. Have contributed to a number of policy development processes like the first Kenyan policy on traditional knowledge, cultural expression and folklore, the national land policy and article (8)J of the convention on biological diversity on access and benefit sharing mechanism. Currently working with IMPACT (indigenous movement for peace advancement and conflict transformation) as a program officer for community land protection program, assisting communities to undergo the process of community land registration as required by the community land Act 2016, beside other tasks of fundraising and making reports for partners..

Elisha Khasia

Program Coordinator- IMPACT Samburu

Elisha Khasia Ombwayo is working as a project assistant and liaison organization staff for IMPACT in Samburu County. He is implementing and supporting various project work on PFR, CJRF, and Land Rights awareness in Samburu County. He has a keen interest in community development intiatives and advocacies on human rights for marginalized communities in North Kenya. He has rich experience in working with communities, advocating for their needs and social transformation. Elisha has brilliant knowledge and skills on Advocacy and Lobby work. He has lately participated in the Drafting of Disaster Risk Management Policy for Samburu County, and development of County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). His advisory and negation abilities has seen these processes achieve several milestones At Project Level, he has been involved in facilitating Trainings and Capacity Building activities for WRUAs and IRM Ambassadors. He immensely contributed in developing Sub catchment Management Plans for WRUAs in Samburu County. He contributed in the Formation of DRM Task Force for Samburu County and Represents IMPACT at CSG meetings and other stakeholder forum in Samburu and beyond He is Intelligent and good at thinking clearly and quickly, at understanding difficult ideas and subjects, and at gaining and using knowledge through research and technology. He is wise person and able to make good choices and decisions because he has a lot of experience innovative skill building learning or understanding things. Elisha has been supported by IMPACT to undergo various trainings including Media and Reporting on Project Work, Leadership and Governace, Water Stewardship and Policy Advocacy. This has continued to impact his skills in running and managing office work, project and inter-organization network. Elisha is passionate about advancing policy advocacy for issues that pose stress to humanity especially climate change. He cleverly advocates for Human Rights, lobby for public policy change and development for a better social cohesion and integration of marginalized people in the society. He strongly supports programs that are pro gender and youth welfare..

Ramson Karmushu

Field Coordinator, Research and Logistics

Ramson Karmushu joined IMPACT as a volunteer in March 2016. Ramson was later absorbed into the organization as the Field and logistics assistant. He was later given another task to coordinate researches with the academia institutions working collaboratively with the organization. Ramson therefore coordinated researches with researchers on resource based conflicts in Laikipia and Samburu with the I-CAN project under McGill University and the LAPSSET Research on the livelihood impacts of the Isiolo – Moyale Highway with the University of Sheffield. Ramson also serves across all projects in the organization as he serves the organization as well as driver since October 2016. Before joining IMPACT, he served as a volunteer for five years in different institutions to gain knowledge. Ramson values knowledge gained through working experiences than staying idle at home gaining nothing. In the five years as a volunteer, Ramson served as a volunteer in a primary school in his local village for one and a half years before joining an out-grower farmers group where he was trained to train farmers on chemical handling in the farms as well as a clerk keeping records and grading the produce before sending it abroad. Later, he joined Lewa and worked in one of the lodges in the customer care department before joining Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) International Citizen Service (ICS) program. He served as an in-country volunteer in Kilifi at the Kenyan Coast at a local CBO giving peer talks, environmental and hygiene lessons to primary and secondary schools pupils in smart clubs and with the Injective Drug Users (IDUs) making them active through casual employment and sports. Ramson’s keen interest is to serve to the best of his ability and to help everyone who is willing to be supported to attain his or her goals. Ramson also believes in networking and pulls everyone working to achieve something to work together for a common goals.

Laissa Malih Kaunga

Communications Officer

Linda Laissa is a Laikipian Maasai and the first female filmmaker in her community. She documents and links,Amplifies and scales up youth and women voices across diverse indigenous cultures in kenya, world wide and in future. She is capable of initiating change in a civic African Society through educative and entertaining shots. She is a graduate from Multimedia University of Kenya where she studied Bachelor of arts degree in Film Production and Animation. Being the only Maasai and the only Maasai female in her class to attend the course through out the four years,she recently graduated with a second class upper division. Laissa is well known for her photography,editing and documentation service at IMPACT and at community grassroots levels.

Sabina Lekuton

Admin Assistant

Sabina was born and raised in Marsabit County. She comes from the Rendille Community who are pastoral Nomadic from northern Kenya. Before joining IMPACT as an Admin Assistant, she worked at a Super Market as a cashier. Coming from Northern Kenya Sabina understands the dynamics and challenges faced by the women and children from the region. Her passion for human rights grew after seeing the suffering and marginalization of my community especially in service delivery. She took up the position of office administrative assistant to contribute to the organization goal through her dynamism and sharing real life experience. Currently she is pursuing her studies while working to improve skills and competences.